Laboratory of Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management Scope

The Laboratory of Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management belongs to the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. The Laboratory is located at the 1st floor of the Veis Building at the Technical University Campus.
The main objectives of the Laboratory are the development of educational and research activities in the scientific fields of hydrology, water resources management, hydraulic and reclamation works, groundwater modeling and management, water treatment and water quality assessment and soil/sediment quality assessment.The main activities of the Laboratory include:•    Hydrological Research of surface and groundwater bodies (flow measurements, water level measurements, model development and evaluation, research statistical analysis of meteorological and hydrological data, groundwater modelling)
•    Water Resources Management (characterization of water bodies status, formulation of programme of measures, multicriteria evaluation of measures and projects, formulation of water resources managements plans, implementation strategies of WFD)
•    Research on Floods and Droughts (flood hazard analysis, flood hazard and risk maps, formulation of plans for flood risk management, plans to combat water scarcity: droughts, desertification, low flows, water shortages)
•    Water Quality Assessment for drinking and irrigation uses (water sampling and preparation, determination of water quality parameters, water quality monitoring, statistical analysis, hydrogeochemical analysis, spatial distribution of water quality parameters, study of water-sediment-soil interaction processes, discrimination of natural and anthropogenic factors affecting water quality)
•    Soil/Sediment Quality Assessment (evaluation of soil/sediment properties, soil/sediment sampling, sampling of suspended matter, grain size analysis, measurements of hydraulic conductivity, development of moisture retention curves, determination of spatial distribution of soil/sediment element contents, measurement of soil/sediment pH/conductivity/lime requirement, analysis of major and trace elements of soil samples)

Laboratory equipment

Ion Chromatography (ICS -3000 System)

The system is equipped with:
•    Single and dual isocratic and gradient pumps
•    Auto-sampler from basic to state-of-the-art automation and high-volume sample prep
•     Dionex Ion Pac® AS 23 analytical column (4 x 250 mm) with AG 23 guard column (4 x 50 mm) and CS 16 analytical column (5 x 250 mm) with CG 16 guard column (5 x 50 mm).
•    Two detector compartments
The system performs measurements for the following water quality parameters: Br-, Cl-, F-, NO2-, NO3-, PO43-, SO42-, Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+ και Ca2+ Various systems and devices
•    Water purification system (Zeneer Power I) supplied by Human corporation
•    Water distillation system
•    Vacuum filtration system
•    Analytical balances
•    Permeability meter (Guelph type)
•    Over-pressure apparatus (5-15 bar)
•    Under-pressure apparatus (Sand-box and Kaolin-box)
•    Mechanical shaker (Medline SK-300)
•    Medium temperature furnace (0-240 oC)

Equipment for field measurements

and portable equipment

•    Two fully automated, on-line meteorological stations located at Dionyssos Satellite Observatory (Attica) and Heraklion (Crete). The meteorological data has been recorded since the years l998 and 2006, respectively
•    Digital water level loggers
•    Water flow meters
•    Samplers of suspended solids and sediments
•    HACH Spectrophotometer DR 2800 for determination of all key parameters from Ammonium to Zinc - for  water
•    HACH digital titrator for HCO3- determination
•    Portable temp/DO/NO3-/CND/Sal/pH/ORP meter (YSI Professional Plus) for in-situ measurements of the following parameters: water temperature (T), dissolved oxygen (DO), nitrates (NO3-), electrical conductivity (CND), total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity (Sal), pH and redox potential (ORP)
•  ELE paqualab photometer
  Lovibond turbidity meter
  Jenway 370 pH meter
  ELE conductivity meter 4071

 Research Activities of the Laboratory of Land Reclamation Works Projects and Water Resources Management (LRWWRM)

Since 1990 more than 25 research projects have been accomplished with a total budget that exceeds 1.0 million Euro. These cover a wide range of topics: design of watercourse rectification works, irrigation and drainage networks, drought assessment and management, flood modelling, reservoir management, water quality assessment, design of water quality protection works.

Contact - Laboratory of Land Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management

Ph.: +30 210-772 2631, +30 210-772 2700

FAX: +30 210-772 2632