Papadopoulou Maria
Professor - Department of Geography and Regional Planning
Office: Vei building, 2nd floor, 211
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+30 210 772 4175
Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Maria P. Papadopoulou is Professor and Director of Laboratory of Physical Geography and Environmental Impacts and since 2017 Deputy Dean at the School of Rural & Surveying Engineering, NTUA. She currently serves as a member of the National Water Council and the National Committee on Climate Change. In June 2020, she was appointed President of the National Environment and Climate Change Agency. Her principal research interests lie in the areas of natural resources management, groundwater modeling and management, groundwater-dependent ecosystem services, climate change adaptation, water-energy-food-climate Nexus, water and carbon footprint in agricultural. In May 2020, she was part of the Sewers4COVID team winning the 1st prize on Pan-European EUvsVirus Hackathon.

Since August 2020, she serves as President of the Management Board of Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA).

Indicative publications

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