Brailas Ioannis
Computers Engineer (MSc)
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+30 210 772 2762
+30 210 772 2690
Miscellaneous Information:

Ioannis Brailas has been working at S.R.S.E. - G.E. of N.T.U.A. as electronic computing systems engineer (MSc) since 2008. He is the School's SQL database administrator, responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and security of the secretariat information system. He has also provided full technical support for the School's electronic computing systems.

In the past, he has undertaken various important tasks, such as statistics analysis, teleconference meetings management and coordination, security monitoring, undergraduate and postgraduate studies websites and laboratory webpages administration, announcements publishing, backup operations, maintenance supervising, e.t.c.

In 2014, he redesigned and redeveloped the School's official page