The objective of the area of Cadastre


The scientific field of ​​Cadastre and Land Administration includes legal, technical, financial and administrative tools for securing rights on land and real property, and for the good management of land, the sea and the built environment, such as elements of:

  • real property law, technical legislation, land policy and land use zoning, property valuation and taxation as well as basic principles for the functioning of sustainable real estate markets,
  • modern methods for the adjudication of rights and rights holders and the compilation of cadastral maps, data bases and standardization, national spatial data infrastructures, and
  • modern information technology and land information systems, for an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on evidence-based decision-making for the planning and the appropriate management of current global challenges.

In the above mentioned fields the following actives are included:

  • teaching graduate and post graduate courses, diploma theses and seminars that are co-organized periodically by several relevant associations
  • research, doctoral dissertations and research projects; the results of those are published in conferences and scientific journals and are notified to the relevant professional associations and to government agencies both in Greece and internationally.