Academic objectives of the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the NTUA

The Laboratory of Remote Sensing of the National Technical University of Athens was established in November 1987, having as its main task to serve research and educational needs in the fields of Photo-Interpretation and Remote Sensing and their applications: in Observing and Monitoring our planet, in Integrated Surveys of the Natural and Socioeconomic Environment and in the Development of Integrated Cadastral Land Information Systems. The specific aims of the Laboratory of Remote Sensing are:

  1. To meet the educational and research needs (both at the undergraduate and graduate levels) of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering in general and special topics of Photo-Interpretation and Remote Sensing and their contribution to the foundation of Land Information Systems, as infrastructure for Development, Monitoring of the Environment and Land Policy.

  2. To develop methods and techniques in the relevant scientific fields.

  3. To conduct, administrate and coordinate relevant research programs.

  4. To promote cooperation at the scientific, educational, research etc. levels with research centers, academic institutions and scientific/technical and social organizations, in Greece and abroad, as long as their scientific targets coincide, are similar or complementary with those of the Laboratory, in a spirit of mutuality, integrated interdisciplinary approach and collective work.

  5. To develop the theoretical scientific/technical, as well as technological infrastructure for the continuing improvement of relevant education and training methods and techniques.

  6. To develop interdisciplinary postgraduate study programs in Photo-Interpretation, Remote Sensing, Environment and Development.

  7. To organize seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures, continuing education courses for engineers and other scientists.

  8. To cooperate with relevant public agencies and social organizations (municipalities, communities etc.) and support their development projects using Photo-Interpretation, Remote Sensing and Integrated Surveys methods and techniques.

  9. To familiarize engineers and other scientists with Photo-Interpretation and Remote Sensing topics and applications.

  10. To create a special library and archives of aerial photographs and other remotely sensed images of Greece from space and other airborne platforms, which will be used for research purposes.

  11. To develop, independently, or in cooperation with other research, academic and scientific organizations, systems, methods and applications: a) for Natural and Human Resources Inventories of our country, b) for Land Use Inventories Monitoring and Mapping c) for the contribution of Remote Sensing to the creation of Integrated Cadastral Land Information Systems d) for the elaboration of Integrated Surveys Programs.

  12. To cooperate with the National Remote Sensing Centers and the agencies of acquisition of Space Remote Sensing Imagery.

The main policy of the Laboratory of Remote Sensing of the N.T.U.A. is to investigate the objective possibilities, limitations and constraints of the analog and digital Photo-Interpretation and Remote Sensing methodologies and techniques, in order to establish optimization parameters in specific integrated applications.

Remote Sensing Lab.