Technical equipment of the Remote Sensing Laboratory

The equipment of the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the NTUA includes: new generation multispectral, hypserpectral and thermal image acquisition systems, autonomous aerial robotic systems for image acquisitions (fixed-wing, drones), spectroradiometers and other in-situ measurement instruments, in-house software and opensourse geoinformation systems for systematic collection and processing of earth observation imagery.

The Remote Sensing Lab. equipment includes:

Remote Sensing Airborne Image Acquisition Systems and Necessary Accessories:

VNIR Spectrographic Imaging System CASI-550 (ITRES, Canada)
Thermal Imaging System TABI-320 (ITRES, Canada)
Micro-Hyperspectral VNIR Sensor (Headwall Photonics, USA)
Onyxstar BAT-F8 8copter (Altigator, Belgium)
Airborne GPS/IMU navigation system Applanix POS/AV 410 (Applanix, Canada)
Airborne GPS/IMU navigation system CMIGITS III (Systron Donner, USA)

Other Image Acquisition Systems:

EUMETSAT receiving station for continuous reception of METEOSAT images
FM receiver 134-141MHz for NOAA reception

Photo-Interpretation Instruments and Systems:

1 KARTOFLEX M map revision equipment (Aus JENA)
1 Double mirror stereoscope (Sokkisha)
1 Zoom stereoscope (Bausch & Lomb)
13 Mirror stereoscopes (Aus JENA)
13 Mirror stereoscopes (Geoscope Stereo Aids)
8 Mirror stereoscopes (Ottico Meccanica)
1 Mirror stereoscope (Benz Bassel Photoplast)
1 Mirror stereoscope (3OM3)
4 Sketchmasters (Aus JENA)
200 Pocket stereoscopes (Aus JENA)

Field Trip Equipment:

1 PSR 3500+ Spectroradiometer
1 GER 1500 Spectroradiometer with Magellan GPS.
1 Soil moisture sensor Decagon 5TE (water content, electric contuctivity and temperature sensor)
1 Thermal camera Trotec IC60
2 PDAs with GPS and ArcPad software.
1 Trimble Scoutmaster GPS.
1 Olympus IS3000 photographic camera.
1 Canon AE-1 photographic camera.
1 Nikon D70 Digital camera.

Extra Equipment:

1 Reflection-Transmition Color Densitometer Kodak (model 10-K).
1 Analogue oscilloscope 20MHz (dual channel).

Software for Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Images and G.I.S. :

ENVI+IDL, ERDAS Imagine, ER Mapper, PCI Geomatica,Definiens Professional, ATCOR,Idrisi, SarScape, Orfeo Toolbox, Opticks, GRASS,ArcGIS, Manifold GIS, Quantum GIS, Matlab and inhouse developed software packages.

Computer Networks Serving the Na.T.U.Re'S Laboratory needs:

  • The Geo-Information Center of the Rural and Surveying Engineering Department. Relevant software available: ERDAS Imagine,ER Mapper,SoftPlotter, Opticks,ArcGIS,AutoCAD, Adobe PhotoShop, Gimp, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice etc.

  • The N.T.U.A. Campus Network. Relevant software available: ArcGIS, Oracle, MATLAB, SAS etc.

All NTUA students, personnel and collaborators may gain access to the computer center facilities.