Photo gallery of Dionysos Satellite Observatory

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 "DYNG" Regina GNSS Station installation by CNES & IGN.
May 2011.

Drill, drill, drill !
Jean-Claude Poyard, Jean-Paul Cardaliaguet

Antenna installed
Jean-Claude Poyard, Jean-Paul Cardaliaguet


Control network-Triangulation

Final vertical check (in the rain)
Jean-Claude Poyard

Installation Team
Jean-Paul Cardaliaguet, CNES
Jean-Claude Poyard, IGN
Jordan Galanis, NTUA
"Marathon" Dog, NTUA


Educational Visit of  Experimental School of University of Athens (PPSPA)  at D.S.O.
March 2014.

Prof. Paradissis

Prof. Paradissis, D.Anastasiou

Educational Visit of N.T.U.A. - D.S.O at Hydrographic vessel "Nautilos"
at Salamina Naval Base of the Hellenic Navy
January 2016.

J.Galanis, DSO



School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Student field works at D.S.O.
October 2016.
New dog !!!
Marathon bay. Gravimetry.