Research Programmes of Dionysos Satellite Observatory

Research Programmes

"Hellenic Plate Observatory - HELPOS"

"Integraded system of Geodynamics and Tidal waves monitorning in South Aegean , GGET (2014-2015)

"ITRF system coordinates consulting " Hellenic Cadastry (2007-2009)

"PANAMAX BULKER Sea trials”, (2005-2006)

 "Installation of 5 permanent GPS stations in the Gulf of Corinth" Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (2004-2006)
"4 patrol boats Sea Trials of the Hellenic Navy", Greek Shipyards (2003-2005)
"Coordinates computing of airports distinguist points" Greek Civil Aviation Authority, (2002).
"Crystal deformation in the Aegean and the Alkyonides-Atalanti-Parnitha triangle", 2001 –2002.
"Coordinates computing of airports and radioaids distinguist points" Greek Civil Aviation Authority, (2000-2002).
"Demonstrating the Utility of SAR Differential Interferometry for the Assessment of Earthquake risk (SNAP)" (1998-2001)
"Overall GPS Strain Determination and Assessment of Seismic Hazard in Greece (SING) "(1997 – 2000).
"Hellenic Navy Frigate Salamis Sea Trials" Greek Shipyards, (1999).
"Crete Island Northern AutoRoute evaluation, Kasteli to Sitia" (1999). 
"GPS SAR and airborn Laser simultanious measurments for mean sea level surface computation in the Ionian Sea" 1995, 1997, 199
"Hellenic Navy frigate Psara Sea Trials" Greek Shipyards (1998).
"Instalation and experimental evaluation of semi-permanent GPS station" GGET and NOA , 1997.
"GPS measurements in tidegauges for altitude connection with SLR sites, SELF I,II" (1992, 1996)
"Installation and experimantal evaluation of a permanent GPS station at Dionysos Satellite Observatory" GGET and NOA, 1996.

"Hellenic Navy frigate Spetses sea trials" Greek Shipyards (1996).
"Optic fiber cable laying,  Kavala-Thasos-Limnos, Greek telecoms (1995).

"Participation in the ERS-1 SAR measurements in the Ionian Sea for geodynamics evaluation" (1994-1995).