Equipment of Photogrammetry Lab

The Laboratory of Photogrammetry is fully equipped with modern digital instruments and software. Its specialized instruments are:

• 4 complete digital photogrammetric workstations

• 1 special photogrammetric image scanner

• 2 terrestrial laser scanners, time-of-flight technology

• 1 structured light scanner

• 2 calibrated terrestrial digital high resolution cameras, with a variety ofdifferent lenses (fixed or zoom) focal lengths (from 11-300mm)

• 1 special tripod (height 9m) for aerialphotography

• 1 special photographic pole up to 9m

• 1 Heavy Lift OctoCopter V Rc-Drone with DJI A2 Flight Control System

• 1 Phantom 4 Pro

• 1 Phantom 4 Pro

• 1 DJI Mavic 2 Pro

• 1 DJI Mavic mini

• 2 topographic stations (total stations)

• 1 icon-geodetic station

• 1 pair of GPS indicators

In addition, the Laboratory has a large number of specialised commercial software and software developed by the Laboratory, to cover all stages of photogrammetric applications, such as:

data collection,

photogrammetric processing,

orthophoto production,

development ofsurfaces,

point cloud processing,

creationof 3D surfaces and models,

3D model processing,

photo-texture rendering in 3Dmodels,

creation of photorealistic models.