Educational activities of Higher Geodesy Lab


The staff of Laboratory of Geodesy participate in a broad spectrum of teaching subjects

School of Rural and Surveying Engineering

1o semester:  Technical and Topographic Drawing

2o semester: Geodesy Ι

3ο semester: Geodesy ΙΙ

4ο semester: Geodesy ΙΙΙ , Field Practice in Geodesy Ι

5ο semester: Geodesy IVError theory and adjustments Ι

6ο semester: Special Topics in Geodesy, Geodesy V, Geodetic AstronomyError theory and adjustments ΙΙ , Field Practice in Geodesy ΙΙ

7ο semester: Introduction to the Earth's gravity field, Satellity Geodesy and Navigation

8ο semester:  Geophysical Surveys - GravimetryHydrography-Oceanography, Field practice in Higher and Satellite Geodesy

9ο semester: Marine Geodesy, Special Topics in Satellite Geodesy, Higher and Satellite Geodesy Applications, Technical Geodesy , Metrology , Surveying of Monuments

School of Civil Engineering: Geodesy (3ο semester) , Geodetic Applications (4ο  semester)

School of Architecture:Field Surveying (4ο semester)

School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering: Geodesy and Field Surveying (8ο semester)


 Recent Undergraduate theses


Deformation monitoring of the northern column and part of the stylobate in Hadrian’s Library through the creation of a 3D-model. Garoufos G. (Georgopoulos G., Telioni Ε.)

Geometrical control of an aircraft using 3D model. Kyriazakou Ν. (Telioni Ε.)

Comparative study of methodological options for geodetic analysis of GNSS data with different open source software’s, Chatzi Α., (Delikaraoglou D.)


Development of an algorithm for the position determination of encoded and uncoded targets. Application on the fiducials position and their offset distance determination with respect to a stretched wire on the cryogenic magnets of the LHC at CERN. Lampardagia S.(Lamprou Ε.)


Industrial applications using FARO Laser Tracker Vantage and the telescopic arm FARO Arm Edge, Souliotis I. (Arabatzi Ο.)

Detection and determination of horizontal movements of chimney A in Technopolis using ground 3D scanning. Diakoumi Ε. (Geogopoulos G.)

Determination of geodetic refraction coefficient k by using the temperature gradient methodBistas Β.(Lambrou Ε.)

Creation of 3D plan by using terrestrial geodetic methods.  Ioannidou S. (Lambrou Ε.)

Evaluation of railways’ stake out and survey methods.  Aibaliotis Α.(Lambrou Ε.)

Creation of 3d plan using unmanned aircraft systems." Aznabouridis Κ. (Lambrou Ε.)

Investigate the accuracy of RTKLIB software in resolving GNSS satellite data using static satellite tracking techniques, Batmanoglou. (Delikaraoglou D.)


Underwater surveying in a part of an ancient settlement of the 3rd Millennium BC. at Lampagianna beach in Franghthi, Argolis, Lymperopoulou Ε. (Αrabatzi Ο.)

Reassessment of the horizontal displacement of the Peace and Friendship stadium roof mounting ring. Lagga Ο. (Georgopoulos G., Τelioni Ε.)

Determination of the movement of the suspension ring of the Peace and Friendship Stadium roof using 3D terrestrial scanning technology. Ioannou E. (Georgopoulos G., Τelioni Ε.)

Detection and estimation of possible horizontal movements of chimney C at Technopolis using 3d terrestrial laser scanning. Antoniou G. (Georgopoulos G., Τelioni Ε.)

Determination of the correction formula of outdoors reflectorless distance measurementDagianis G. (Lambrou Ε.)

Determination of the correction formula of indoors reflectorless distance measurement“. Biba  Ε. (Pantazis G.)

Development of software for the production and location of random points using mathematical models“. Kontalis S.. (Pantazis G.)

Comparison of the minimum constraints least squares adjustment methods in a 3D monitoring network. Analysis of successive monitoring data. Application on the network of the Holy Sepulcher of the Holy Tomb Zachos D (Pantazis G.)

Evaluation of the GNSS kinematic positioning accuracy by using free RTKLIB software, Papadakis Ε. (Delikaraoglou D)

Adjust input login and automation in the GNSS Free Software interface,  Liolis D., (Delikaraoglou D.)


Underwater geodetic renderings implementation in archaeological site Lampagianna of Argolis, Chountalas Ι. (Αrabatzi Ο.)

Graduation of an external baseline for distance test total stations’ calibration for distances and test according to ISO. Karaiskos G. (Lambrou Ε.)

Monitoring the dynamic behavior of a wall-mounted permanent reference GNSS station application on the HEPOS 024A reference station at Euboea. Kalimeris G. (Lambrou Ε.)

Movement Monitoring at the power station Vasilicou in Cyprus“. Nikolaou T. (Pantazis G.)

Graduation of external test field for directions investigation of calibration methodologies and total stations check for directions according to ISO 17123 – 3“. Bini  Α. (Pantazis G)

Simultaneous determination of astronomical coordinates by the method of equal heights,  Bikeris P., (Κοrakitis R.)

Hybrid methods for determining models of the Greek geoid from heterogeneous geodetic data (gravity, continental and marine topography, geodynamic models and GNSS), Kydonis S,  (Delikaraoglou D.)

Detection of the deformations of the dome and the nave of the temple of Hephaestus with geodetic methodology,Papargyriou  Α. (Georgopoulos G., Τelioni Ε.)


Recent Graduate theses


Karantzia Μ., Creating a web application for monitoring sea level variability as a result of climate change. Study area: Mediterranean sea 

Liolis.D, Web service development for the manipulation and handling of measurement biases, during post-processing of multiple GNSS data


Kydonis S,  Evaluation of the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) method in static detection, using single frequency receivers and processing of GPS and GLONASS observations


Κaselimi Μ, Evaluation and development of high performance GNSS data analysis techniques using open source software


Manousakis P., Software Development for Geoid Model Determination


Αlevizakou Ε.G:  The use of Artificial Neural Networks in the field of γeodesy with an emphasis on the prediction of vertical displacements


Papantoniou S..,  The effect of the time range of available geoinformation on the estimation of the rate of change of the coastline

Karagiorgou Μ. : Evaluation of the automatic target recognition function (ATR) of modern integrated geodetic stations.    

Barakou Α. : Creation of a regional geoid map and evaluation of the EGM08 of the Korinthian gulf Greece