Research in Geodesy Lab

Recent Research Programmes


«ECODRIVE: Personalized Service of Ecological Driving» (Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK)


«Development of a pilot system for the monitoring the structural condition of high pedestals of the Metamorphosi junction of Attiki Odos» 

Integrated Diagnostic Research Program and Strategic Planning of Materials and Interventions for the Maintenance and Restoration of the Holy Canopy of the Holy Sepulcher at the Holy Temple of the Resurrection in Jerusalem


Geological investigation and assessment of the risk of falls and submission of proposals for measures to support - enhance the slopes of the Red Beach and landslides in the area of ​​Warehouses, Municipality of Thira

έτος 2013

 Geodetic monitoring of the deck and connecting cables of the Attiki Odos bridge (position 4 + 131) with the imposition of a controlled test load 

 Installation and calibration of external base of reflector length measurement systems

έτος 2010

Research on the orientation of Monuments of Greece (Byzantine Monuments of Mystras)

Recent PHDs

Mintourakis Ι, Determination of the marine geoid in Greece using satellite altimetry data and business oceanography models (Paradisis D, Korakitis R., Gikas V.)

Bimis Α. :  Development of a recording and methodologies system with the combination of geodetic and other measurement data aiming to improve sports performance, 2020 (Gikas V.,Paradisis D.,Stathas D.)

Iliodromitis Α.:  Development of methodologies for locating and evaluating wireless geosensor networks with computational geometry algorithms, 2017 (Σταθάς Δ., Λάμπρου Ε., Πανταζής Γ.)

Alevizakou E. G.. :  Development of a methodology for predicting the change of position of points in space using artificial neural networks, 2017 (Stathas D., Lamprou Ε., Pantazis G.)

Marinou Α., Study of deformation in a region of Central Greece from twenty years of GPS measurements Papazisi K., Mitsakaki C., Paradisis D..)

Nikolitsas Κ. :  Development of laboratory methodologies for calibration of digital geodetic instruments, 2015 ( Balodimos D.D.., Lamprou E., Pantazis G.)

Panou G.: Investigation of geodetic boundary value problems in elliptical geometry, 2014 (Korakitis R., Delikaraoglou D., Papazisi K.)

Petrelis Ν., Investigation of coastline mobility estimation models, 2012 (Doukakis Ε., Sakelariou Μ., Moutzoris Κ.)