Courses of Dionysos Satellite Observatory


Dionysos Satellite Observatory offers the following courses:

- Summer field exercises in higher and satellite geodesy  8th semester

- Specialized topics in satellite geodesy  9th semester

- Applications in higher and satellite geodesy 9th semester


The members of DSO participate in a large number of courses :


1) School of Rural and Surveying Engineering

- Geodesy  Ι   2nd semester

- Technical and topographic drawing   1st semester

- Introduction to Programming  1st semester.

- Geodesy IV.   5th semester

- Theory of errors and adjustments I  5th semester.

- Godesy V 6th semester

- Geodetic Astronomy  6th semester.

- Introduction to gravity field  7th semester.

- Satellite positioning and navigation   7th semester..

- Theory of errors and adjustments II  8th semester

- Geophysical surveys- Gravimetry  8th semester

- Hydrography - Oceanography  8th semester

- Maritime geodesy   9th semester



2) School of Civil  Engineering

- Geodetic applications  4th semester.


3) School of Architecture Engineering

- Topography  4th semester


4) School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering

- Geodesy and mine surveying    8th semester