Laboratory of Geodesy

In the following video you may watch some of the activitiies of the Laboratory


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 The Laboratory of Geodesy is the result of the merging of the former Laboratory of Higher Geodesy and the Laboratory of Geodesy according to : (ΦΕΚ 4067/22-09-2020, τ. Β΄).

The Laboratory of Geodesy serves the educational and research needs in the subjects of Higher Geodesy, Physical Geodesy and Gravimetry, Satellite Geodesy, Geodetic Astronomy, Topography, Technical Geodesy, Geography, Industrial Geography, Industrial Geography Navigation.
The mission of the Geodesy Laboratory is:
1. The coverage at undergraduate and postgraduate level of teaching and research needs of the School and other Faculties of the NTUA in matters that fall within the subject of the laboratory and are part of the curriculum.
2. Research through research programs that relate to the cognitive objects of the laboratory, either independently or by participating in joint programs with other laboratories or universities.
3. Cooperation of any kind with research centers and academic institutions (Greek and abroad) if the goals coincide, go hand in hand and complement each other with those of the laboratory.
4. The organization of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences and other scientific events, the realization of publications and publications and the invitation of Greek and foreign recognized scientists.
5. The provision of services to individuals in accordance with the law.
6. The provision of opinions (courts, etc.) on issues related to the subject matter in accordance with current legislation.
7. The collection, processing, storage and disposal of data.
8. The undertaking of consulting or development projects and studies in order to meet the needs of society.
9. The publication of journals.